Monday, September 19, 2016

Emotion Presentation Reflection

Going into the presentation I knew I would be challenged most by the teamwork. Not because I don't get along with others, but because I tend to do better alone with full control over everything. Through this presentation I grew as a learner by increasing my ability to work efficiently in a group. In fact, by allowing other people to help me out some more actually made my presentation go even better than I could have expected.

Originally I was thinking a PowerPoint style of presentation, but Maria had an interesting new 3D presentation I had never seen before. After seeing a demonstration of it, I decided to go hands off on the visual aspect of the presentation as well as some interesting activities that she created after I did a little research on the brain and it's emotional centers.

I found loads of evidence on biology, which is affected by sense perception, controlling our emotional responses and evaluations of the external world and our own internal thoughts and memories. I put in the raw facts on this as well as some questions to lead to discussion on the matter, I also found the TedTalk on beauty and form and emotional connections to this within our brains. Maria took the questions I made and put them into color coded oragami birds to help interact with the audeince more. Malachi and Maria both found that clip from Up to show the isolated effects of visual stimuli on emotional responses.

During the presentation I think everyone did a good job sharing what they contributed and we had some thoughtful IB level discussion occurred. The clips were well done, the questions seemed to go over well, and the information was presented well. Everyone seemed at least moderately interested in brains and emotion so that was nice.

As a learner, I grew in my ability to utilize teamwork. I learned that micromanaging things gets in the way of good presentations and I should let my partners contribute rather than being a bossy no-it-all. As far as the knowledge I gathered researching this topic, I learned that literally everything I do is processed first through the emotional centers of fight or flight. I should take this into account when I get in arguments or overreact to things. It will help me take a step back and realize that my reactions are just chemicals in my brain. This will let me calm down and make more rational decisions.